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Post by EmberandShadow on Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:03 pm

(No more than four characters)
Character form:
Mystic/Protector (Powers):

(User DarkendRose)
Looks:silver hair, gray eyes, red lips, pale skin.
Mystic/Protector (Powers):Mystic: Hybrid Vampyre (Zenyar), shadow fairy (Soul catcher), Siren

Looks:short brown hair, yellow eyes, tall

(User EmberandShadow)
Name: Regina Nelkin
Age: 17
Looks: Black hair with green ends that stops just below her ears, dark blue eyes, tall, pale
Mystic/Protector (Powers):Mystic, Hybrid (Vampyre; Rishitara, Nephilim; Adultery)
Past: Parents died when she was young, her older brother took care of her all her life.

Name: Sullen Nelkin
Age: 25
Looks: Short spiky brown hair, brown eyes, tall, muscular
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Protector
Past: Is the brother to Regina, after their parents died he started taking care of her, he is a protector but doesn't know that Regina is a Mystic. He is overly protective of her.

Name: Alice
Age: 18
Looks: Long black hair, glowing red eyes, tall, tan, beautiful, tattoo of Characters Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdu4TggmwI1MGuUeGPmh4OU0WJVfOpN4yLub2_dKpRFe6f7fXbZw on lower back
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Mystic; Demon
Past: Parents were abusive once they found out she was a Mystic, she ran away after they tried to kill her. Out on the streets she met Aaron who Protected her.

Name: Aaron
Age: 19

Looks: Dark brown hair, Misty blue eyes, tall, tan, muscular, tattoo of  Characters Tribal_wings_cross_scars_tshirt-p235446833971959728bviuk_400on one shoulder blade
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Protector
Past: Ran away from home when he'd had enough of following the rules and being a Protector, met Alice on the street and has been with her ever since. 

(User Crimsonclover)
Name: Fuyumi (means winter fruit) Kokonoe
Age: 16
Looks: Waist length black hair that covers one eye naturally straight Ice blue eyes almost white with black flecks in them always wears a black hoodie and has her hood up mostly hiding her face.
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Mystic, Shifter (prefers being a cat)
Past: Watched her parents be murdered at age 6 has been cold distant and uncaring ever since has barely let her walls down for anyone to see has no other family except for her abusive uncle who she ran away from at age 10.

Name: Silika Klerrette
Age: 21
Looks: Brunnette bob with natural straight hair  yellow-ish eyes bright smile has a cute face (Side note: loves bunnies)
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Shifter, Mystic
Past: Grew up alone with no one yet stays bright and happy very trusting sometimes too trusting and gets herself in trouble.

(User NevinSkye)
Name: Raylen
Age: late teens - early 20s
Looks: Has dark brown hair and bright green eyes (sometimes they glow an amber color)
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Mystic - Hybrid: Vampire Amari and Zenyar, also a Shifter.
Past: She has recently woken up with amnesia. She was found by a kind-hearted Mystic named River. River found her with a necklace in her pocket with the name Raylen on it.

Name: River Shore
Age: 27
Looks: Long wavy blond hair, and deep blue eyes with a light blue dot in each eye.
Mystic/Protector: Mystic - Hybrid: Shifter/ Elemental - Water
Past: River was raised by a Protector family. Her mother found her by the river (where she got her name from) when she was just a baby. Though her mother did her best to hid her mystic powers from her father, he eventually found out. He couldn't kill her so instead he cast her out into the forest, where she has lived in a cottage for years.

Name: Violet Sherwood
Age: 22
Looks: Tall and slender with long flowing black hair and blue violet eyes.
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Protector
Past: The Sherwoods are a long line of protectors, dating back to the original family, after Violet's parents died last year in a car accident her and her brother, Jayden, are now in charge of the Protectors and their fight against the Mystics.

Name: Jayden Sherwood
Age: 19
Looks: Tall with wavy black hair and blue green eyes.
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Protector
Past: Violet's younger brother, co-leader in charge of the Protectors.

(User Rubyfire57)
Mariella Grey
Banshee, spirit elemental, nephilim lust.
White hair, purple eyes, pink lips, pale skin
Mom was a fallen angel, dad was a spirit elemental, but she doesn't know that. Her mom was taken away by a evil nephilim group at age nine, she's been looking for her ever since. Her uncl took her In and her aunt made her a banshee after she was accused of thievery of some jewelry.

Abriaella Rose Nelson
Midnight blue hair, pale turquoise eyes, pale skin with permanently rosy cheeks, has ears and a tail.
Turned a nymph/shifter by 2 different ex-friends, her dad was a Zenar vampyre, mother a human. She is best friends with Mariella.

(User Wafflepancake)
Short red hair, green eyes, medium height. Silver lined wings that display a shimmering rainbow when used for flight. 
Rainbow Fairy
Prefers to laugh rather then take anything seriously. Always looking for someone who needs help. Easily bored.

Name:Draxon Arackas(pronounced Airaiackas)
Looks:black hair, maroon eyes
Mystic/Protector (Powers):mystic dragoon( has dragon-like features but human in stature, can turn to look like a normal human)
Past:grew up on the streets

Looks:shaggy black hair,
Mystic/Protector (Powers):Mystic: devil(assassins guild) can create shadows out of no where and conceal himself
Past:was kicked out of his "guild" because he was to "soft" he left in outrage where he then found Draxon when he was 9 and trained him in the fine art of assassination.

Name:Tali Ara
Looks: short brown hair, short, blue eyes, scar above right cheek bone.
Mystic/Protector (Powers):mystic(can weakly heal cuts and scrapes)
Past:He was a good kid before his parents found he was a mystic they kicked him out of the house at 10 and has followed Draxon's way of living of the streets. To Draxon, Tali is a younger brother.

(User Riptide01)
Name: Destery Jones
Age: 16
Looks: Long blond hair, covering a scar on his eye
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Mystic, Shifter
Past: After running away with his older brother and sister, he had to steal and scavenge to survive. After his brother died and his sister abandoning him, he lives off of what he finds and is in constant search for someone who will respect him.

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Post by Darkendrose on Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:39 pm

Name: Adelia Mathias
Age: 113

Looks: She has strawberry blond har with pale freckled skin. She has hazel eyes, and when she uses her powers red tattoos cover her body and her eyes turn black.
Powers: Fire and Nightmare fairy hybrid
About: She romes around in large cities most of the time creating and giving nightmares.

Name: Keirnan Sardothian
Age: 25
Looks: Has light brown hair and dark brown eyes with tan skin. 
Powers: Protector
About: He whole heartedly belives in his cause and has trained from a young age, but he isn't very corridinated so he prefers to stay behind the scenes.

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Post by EmberandShadow on Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:11 pm

Name: Celinde Aela
Age: 21
Looks: 5'6 with long dark red hair and dark green eyes, her eyes turn the same dark red of her hair when using her demonic powers or when trying to be intimidating, she has tanned skin and long manicured fingers. 
Mystic/Protector (Powers): Demon 
About: Lives in a penthouse apartment due to having an enormous amount of money, though what she actually does for a living is unclear. 

Name: Aiden Elik  
Age: 18 
Looks: 5'5 with black hair and amber eyes; his eyes glow red when using his powers. He has pale skin and is very lean with little muscles. 
Mystic/ Protector (Powers): Fire Nymph 
About: Lives in a run down basement apartment in the middle of the city. He often likes to cause mischief.

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Post by Zephera Amrosia on Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:17 pm

Name: Morgan Zeph Alanis
Height:6 Ft  
Mystic:Fire elemental
Eye color:Light Blue
Hair:Black with a white streak tucked discreetly in right side bangs, wavy hair, down to lower mid back.
Weapons:Basic throwing knifes in boots, and behind belt, also cares a 22 pistol.
living arrangement:Lives in a Studio Apartment in the middle of the city on the top floor of  the building with a magnificent view.
Employment: Psychology professor at an Ivy league University 

Zephera Amrosia

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Post by Crimsonclover on Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:18 pm

Name: Sybil Taylor
Age: Looks 21
Description: Wavy mid back length blonde hair with grey eyes, has a small petite but curvy figure, she's very light and is only 4'11. Fair and clear skin, youthful appearance, Is always wearing some sort of choker or collar.
Race/Powers: Hybrid of a Nephilim, Stone Vampyre, and a Hitodeau Vampyre
About: She's fun and likes to have adventure, she's a heavy drinker and partier. She loves to seduce people and her sin is lust, drinking blood is always a fun hobby for her. She doesn't believe in meaningful relationships, doesn't know what love is because she has never experienced it, and honestly doesnt care. She's impulsive and always wants to do exciting, dangerous things.

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