Elemental Creatures Introduction

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Elemental Creatures Introduction  Empty Elemental Creatures Introduction

Post by EmberandShadow on Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:31 pm

Long ago the land was ruled by the mythical Creatures of the Elements. And then the humans came. They spread throughout the world, destroying those creatures that they did not understand. The Creatures knew that fighting back would be useless and cause too much bloodshed and so, for self-preservation and the well being of the humans, they went into hiding. They’re stories faded through the years and eventually were just believed to be myth. Now, the humans are dying out slowly but surely. It is now that the Elemental Creatures have decided to come out of hiding. The Water Creatures have seen the pollution and poison being thrown into the sea and vowed no more, they’ll reclaim the sea’s and bring it back to health. The Fire Creatures have been in the cold for too long, and what a perfect way to get revenge on the humans then heating up the planet? The Earth Creatures are angered by the destruction of their homeland, and like the Sea Creatures, have vowed to take back the forests and bring the Earth back to health. But the Air Creatures are the worst off. Many of them died while in hiding, the other Creatures killing many of them as to stay hidden themselves, now the Air Creatures have a thirst for vengeance. But that’s not the only things to be happening. As the Four Elemental Tribes battle for territory and control over their homelands a new Tribe has begun emerging, the Spirit Creatures. The Spirit Creatures seem to have come up from the underworld looking to play, and the humans and rivaling Tribes are the perfect victims. So who will you be in this world? And what will you bring? 

(Please don't have the same type of character as someone else if you can help it, let's get a variety of characters. xx)
(Races on the Character Page.) 
(Also, let's do our best to make this story go somewhere. xx)
(Oh, you can have up to five characters but no more than two characters in each element)

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