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Post by NevinSkye on Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:51 pm

**Can have up to 3 Characters**

Character Form:

Main World:

(User NevinSkye)

Name: Mia Reynolds
Age: 17
Description: Short and petite, has shoulder-length Auburn hair and green eyes
Main World: Earth
Race/Powers: Human
Past/Story: Her parents died when she was a small child. She was taken into an orphanage where she spent a lot of her youth, she was finally adopted when she was 14. Her adoptive father is a drunk who is rarely home and beats her often when he is. She's been taking care of herself since she was adopted and slips off into Marzenia whenever possible to escape reality.

Name: Kyle Fisher
Age: 19
Description: Tall, with light blue eyes and sandy brown hair.
Main World: Earth
Race/Powers: Human
Past/Story: Kyle's mother died in childbirth and his father had left his mother even before that, so right at birth he was sent to the orphanage. No one adopted him though, because with his father alive, he stood to be re-claimed at any time. His father never came back for him though, so he lived his full childhood at the orphanage. He instantly befriended Mia when she came into the place, keeping her safe and from being picked on. On his 18th birthday he was kicked out of the orphanage, but had luckily saved up enough money to get his own place by then. He lives there alone while he works and attends college.

(User EmberandShadow)
Name: Savina Bloodworth 
Age: 23
Description: Tall, curvy, strong, long red hair that's usually tied back, bangs covering left eye, red eyes, long sharp nails, high cheek bones, long eyelashes, full red lips, 
Main World: Marzenia 
Race/Powers: Demon (Fireballs, glamouring, shredding) [She is also good with knives and has a staff that she uses in battle.],l (I sort of combined Kitana, Meleena, Scarlett, and Jade from Mortal Kombat together to make this character.)
Past/Story: Savina's parents were highly respected and part of the top league in Queen Khayalan's army. On her eighteenth birthday her parents were mysteriously killed. After they died she started training harder than ever and earned herself a high rank in the Queens army, but the mystery of her parent's death hasn't been solved yet. Savina has made it her mission to find out who killed her parents, and she's out for blood. 

Name: ?
Age: ?
Description: Has brown or black hair and glowing green eyes 
Main World: Marzenia
Race/Powers: ?
Past/Story: ?

(User sheriffcolie)
Name: Cyndie
Age: 20
Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes,  has a disease where she is bed ridden, loves to have alone time and sleep/ travel to Marzenia
Main world: Earth
Race/powers: Human
Past/story: Cyndie was a normal girl who was actually on a soccer team, but soon after her 20th  birthday, she contracted a disease that constricted her to a bed. She has been bed ridden for the past six months. She goes to Marzenia often with all her down time.

(User Crimsonclover)
Name: Kristellana (Kris) Lenia
Age: 17
Description: Tall and slim with blue/white eyes knee length very dark blue/black hair high cheek bones and pale skin
Main World: Earth
Race/Powers: Human
Past/Story: Has and abusive father and her brother is in a gang he is over protective and loves Kris to death.

Name: Mark Lenia
Age: 19
Description: Tall and lean tan skinned with green eyes reddish hair and flawless features.
Main World: Earth
Race/Powers: Human
Past/Story: Has an abusive father mother died when he was two he is over protective of his little sister Kris he joined a gang at age 15.

(User DarkendRose)
Name:Reara Marialds 
Age: 19
Description: black hair, short hair, blue eyes
Main World: Marzenia
Race/Powers: witch, hypnotize ,invisibility, blinking

(User Jade1158)
Description:redish black hair, blue eyes and light skin
Main World:earth
Past/Story:Unkown to him.

(User BrokenAngelFalls)
Age: 18, two months, seven days.
Description: My eyes. They're the only thing I care about. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. The only truthful thing in this world. They are clear and decided blue, but have strange flecks of gold in them. My hair is free, wild and untamed. It floats down my back in a silky curtain of gold. My skin is ivory, and rather pale. I'm a student at Brooks Wood academy, working under-cover for someone important.
Main World: Real world, Earth. The plain, average planet we live on.
Race/Powers: I'm an angel. I've got wings, the whole deal. I'm a guardian angel, and I aim to protect the children abused, torn, and shattered by abusers. I do not hold back, I do not forgive. If you meet me and have been abusing my soul I am guarding, there is no hope. One more thing, I do not forget. Every ounce of harm induced upon a child will be received back a hundred-fold when you meet me.
Past/Story: I was an angel assigned to be a guardian. Nothing to it- I live on earth with mortals. Dreaming is something of a Taboo for angels. it simply isn't done- we have too many lives to protect.

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