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Only In My Dreams Introduction Empty Only In My Dreams Introduction

Post by NevinSkye on Tue Sep 02, 2014 8:50 pm

There is another universe besides Earth. Many people never discover this world, though Earth is well known in the other. It's called Marzenia. To the few Earth people who know of it, it is the world of dreams. They have the power to make things change and they enter Marzenia when they are sleeping. However Marzenia is quite real and those who enter must be careful, what happens to them there will also happen to their real body. Marzenia is beautiful, filled with magic and wonder, a place where anything is possible. However it also has a dark side. Marzenia is also the place where nightmares and darkness is born and there are people who live there who want to take over Earth. In the Shadowlands lives such a person, Queen Khayalan. She is a powerfull illusionist, and she will stop at nothing to get to Earth, and rule over it.

Characters List:
Only non-magical humans on Earth, in Marzenia however, anything goes.
**If a hybrid or mystical being, you can only be 3 things or have 3 types of powers.**

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