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Post by NevinSkye on Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:23 pm

1. Respect everyone here, Even though we are a small group it's still important to be kind and respectful of each other, so I don't want to see any hate in the main chat. (Or during the RP)
2. Please do out of character (ooc) talking in the main chat, Obviously we don't want our RP's filled with ooc chat, but I do recognize that sometimes you just have a quick question so if you have to speak ooc in the story put it in parentheses or brackets. Going along with this, please put your character name before their action/words/ect.
3. Check the updates every time there is one, If you don't check the updates you may miss something important.
4. No god moding or controlling other peoples characters without their permission, You can't have an all powerful character, they have to be able to be hurt in someway. Going along with this; you can't kill someone else's character without their permission.
5. Have posts be at least two sentences long, With the exception of dialog, which can be one sentence or one word, you're posts should at least be two sentences long.
6. Please try to post at least once a week, I know that some of you may be busy but if you're involved in a story than sometimes the story can't continue without you so please try to post as much as possible, but the minimum is once a week. (If you're going to be away for a while please message me someway and tell me)
7. Put your characters name, Please put your characters name at the start of each of your posts, it just makes it easier to know which character is doing what. 
Please know that if you don't obey these rules you may get banned from the page.

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