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Post by NevinSkye on Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:08 pm

Long ago mystical creatures roamed the earth peacefully alongside the humans. But this peaceful time did not last very long. Soon the humans started capturing the mystics and killing them. The mystics fled to an unsettled part of the land, what is now modern day New York. The humans let the remaining mystics live, deciding they weren’t a threat. But there were still some that thought they didn’t deserve to live, they called themselves the protectors. Descendants of these people work to find others like them. Our story starts in the year 4013 in a town called Nerome. Mystics are still in hiding and the Protectors are still working towards their goal, while staying under the radar and keeping up their social lives. Where do you fall when being magical is dangerous and knowing about magic makes you powerful? Are you the hunter or the hunted?
In this futuristic world you choose between being a mystic and being a protector.

Weapons: small regular gun, knifes, swords, bows, crossbows, laser guns, and of course your magical powers.

Character Types:

Demons: Humans that were taken to the underworld, tortured and drained if their humanity. They spend their time in clubs around town. Their job is to kill humans and gather their essence for the demon king. Some demons take humans down to the underworld and “recruit” new demons.
Shifters:  Shifters can transform into any animal and still have complete control over their new body. They stay near forests to protect them from anyone who doesn’t have good intentions. They serve the goddess Mother Nature. To be turned into a shifter you must have been bit or scratched by one.
Ghost: Souls that can’t let go and eternally roam the earth, they can take corporeal form for only a few hours but are still invisible to anyone they had close relationships with.
Mermaids: Half person half fish that live in the waters surrounding Nerome. They keep the waters clean and protect the sea animals. When they are completely dry they can have legs for 24 hours. To be turned into a mermaid you have to touch seawater 24 hours after being touched by their wet scales.

Sirens: The first siren was a young woman who was betrayed by her man and then burned; as a result she came back with a need for other women to feel her pain. Sirens use a special melody to “persuade” married men to cheat. When the wife finds out they burn the husband and force the wife to watch. A woman must be betrayed and burned to become a siren.                                                                            

Were beasts: Humans that transform into animals during the night but don’t have complete control over their new body. They can turn anytime during the day but have no control over it at night. To become one is the same as a shifter.

Nymph: Nymph enhances nature and keep plants green and growing. They have to stay in the forest or near a plant, if they stay away from nature for too long they suffocate. They are often described as the forest itself. A nymph must choose you and take you into the forest to turn you into a nymph.          

Banshee: Banshee are a reasonably rare breed of demons with distinctive white hair, and a high pitched scream- audible only to dogs and their intended victim- that can burst glass and blood vessels, killing their intended victim, someone who has been pre-disposed to emotional pain. The only way to become a Banshee is to be a witch (pre-disposed to emotional pain) and be a victim to the banshees scream.        

Elemental: These individuals have the ability to control one of the five elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Spirit.

Nephilim: The sons and daughters of fallen angles, they influence humans to do one of the seven sins, and are also addicted to that sin. Your sins come from your parent. Sins: Wrath, Adultery, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Lust, Pride.            

Fairy: They are usually extremely mischievous, enjoying confusing others with their words, though Fae cannot lie. There are different types of fairies:Shadow, Glimmer and half and half (which is a mix of both).  They can be normal sized and get rid of their wings anytime.                                  
Shadow fairy:

Soul catcher- A soul catcher is a type of shadow fairy that disguises itself to look like a glimmer fairy so they can get close to people, animals, and glimmer fairies. Once it gets close to its victim it steals their soul.

Nightmare fairy- A nightmare fairy haunts people’s dreams and is the cause for any nightmares. During the day they remind people of their absolute worst memories that they have

Shadow queen- Her name is Queen Nadia. Queen Nadia is the leader and queen to all shadow fairies. She is the one that plans attacks on innocent fairies! She lives in a black Rose. In the woods of Hiddens.                                            

Glimmer fairy:

Rainbow fairy- Rainbow fairies are wonderful glimmer fairies that send out rainbow lightning bolts when using their powers. They use the electric rays in their powers to make a force field when they're in battle. They also use the electric rays to laser or zap any fairy when in battle.

Fruit fairy- Fruit fairies are maybe one of the most beautiful glimmer fairies there are. Fruit fairies are the reason crops grow, the reason apples are red, and the reason fruit has natural sugar in it. They're not just for fruit though. They are kind with animals; they put color in trees, flowers, all kinds of nature. They are also called nature fairies.                  

Glimmer Queen-There is one queen that rules over all Glimmer Fairies. This queen is called Queen Rosen. They call her this because she lives is a rose. This queen is super nice and lives in the great woods Queen Rosen is flawless and kind in every way!

Half and half:

Fire fairy- A fire fairy is a type of half and half fairy. If there were none of these fairies in the world there would be no fire or heat. But they are also the cause of any burn you get. Whether it's from a curling iron, to real fire they will burn you.

Moon fairy- A moon fairy brings night to the world but also it is the cause of any earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, etc. This is because the moon fairies try to bring up night earlier than their supposed to and the sun fairies push the night away so that it can still be daytime.

Sun fairy- A sun fairy is mostly good but still has a side of bad as it is a half and half fairy. It tries to make the day longer and they're most powerful in the summer, that's why the days are longer then. The bad side of them is that they give sunburns to people and make morning come sooner so people don't always get enough sleep.

Ice fairy- An ice fairy is mostly bad but when they try to do evil things they come out good most of the time. An example is when they freeze lakes, and they think it's a bad thing until people go ice skating on the frozen lakes they made. But sometimes the ice breaks and they're happy with their work. Also ice fairies can only come out in winter, but they try to come out in the other seasons as well.

Half and half queen- This queen is in the middle she does things bad and she does things good. But she is accepted by both shadow and glimmer. Her name is Queen Shelly. She lives in a meadow filled with Terrifying flowers and fresh green grass.
Vampyre: Creatures of the night who drink the blood of humans to survive. The only ways to kill a Vampyre are beheading, sunlight, and a certain type of wood.  To be turned you must drink from a Vampyre and they must drink from you.                                                         

Dhampir - Half Human and Half Vampyre, Dhampir have all of the strengths of a Vampyre and a human.  They can heal quickly, but not as quickly as full Vampyres and they must feed more frequently than full Vampyres to survive. Some full-blooded Vampyres consider Dhampir to be a disgrace to the Vampyre race and attempt to hunt them out.

Rishitara – These Vampyres have the ability to “die.” Meaning they can temporarily die but have to stay that way for three days. Their ability to die results in them staying alive longer as they can trick their foes into thinking they’ve won then coming back to kill them. They feed normally on humans and do the dirty work of their queen.

Hitodeau – These Vampyres don’t just drink blood but they also suck the youth out of their victims. If these Vampyres fail to drink a human youth in 4 days, they will look their actual age and have the symptoms of their age to.

Amari – Amari can speak any language and are very charismatic, they can convince their victims to trust them and let them drink from them willingly. They can also erase the memory of being drunk from, enabling them to drink from the same person multiple times.

Stone - The stone Vampyres have a drug like saliva that causes their victims to like their bite, making the human seek out  –the Vampyre and enabling the Vampyre to come to the human at any time to drink. These Vampyres are cousins to the Amari.

Gonith – These Vampyres are probably the strangest Vampyres; they are not immune to silver like other Vampyres but can be in the sunlight for a limited amount of time. They are the tannest Vampyres you’ll ever meet.

Zenyar – These Vampyres are the rarest breed. They are half Vampyre half cat. They can’t fully transform into cats but can have ears and a tail. They have the traits and skills of a cat and have naturally long nails.

(Hybrids are acceptable but may only be up to three things, also, you cannot be a fairy queen.)

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